NYC - St. Bartholomew's Church

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Museum Planet presents a comprehensive narrated digital tour of historic St. Bartholomews Church in New York City.

This historic Episcopal Church on Park Avenue is a repository of faith and art.

Designed by Bertram Goodhue Jr., the church through its art is a history lesson on the birth of Protestantism. Daniel Chester French, Philip Martiny, Andrew OConner Jr., Lee Lawrie, the Piccirillli Brothers, Hildreth Meiere, Henry Wynd Young, John Gordon Guthrie, Telford Paullin and Herbert Adams were just some of the artists who worked on this spectacular building.

You can stop and start the tour; jump around in it; stop it to read the often extensive text and enlarge all the photos with a ‘swoosh’ of your fingers.

The tour is better than a large and well-researched book. Museum Planet takes you there: 100 photographs, 15.9 minutes of audio and 6,855 words, plus biographies.

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